How Did A Small Kitchen Fire Cause So Much Damage?

How Did A Small Kitchen Fire Cause So Much Damage? | Tri Span Inc

Fires have a way of causing an incredible amount of damage in a home, no matter how small. At Tri Span, we specialize in complete fire damage remediation to ensure that your Los Angeles County area home is brought back to the condition it was before the unexpected fire.

The Overwhelming Smell of Smoke

One of the first things you notice when stepping back into your fire-damaged home is the overwhelming smell of smoke. Even small isolated fires in the kitchen can send the smell throughout your Los Angeles home. Experiencing a fire can be traumatizing. It’s important to completely rid the home of the odor to avoid feeling re-traumatized at the smell.

Soot and Grime

The black soot left behind after a fire is grimy and greasy feeling. It can coat walls, ceilings, flooring, and your personal belongings. You need experts in fire and smoke damage remediation to clean the soot completely out of your Orange County home. It will require a combination of cleaning, repainting, and replacing fire and smoke damaged items.

Water, Water Everywhere

The fire department that shows up to put out a Riverside County house fire will use a ton of water to get the blaze quickly under control. It’s beneficial to minimize the fire damage, but it sets up your home for different problems due to water damage. You need to have the water removed fast to avoid mold.

Replacing Burned Materials and Appliances

The home will begin to look and smell better as the damaged items and materials of your San Bernardino County home are replaced. Your kitchen and home will begin to look as good as new.

Contact our fire and smoke damage specialists at Tri Span and we will come out right away to assess the situation. We offer the right solutions for homes throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino County area.

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