Asbestos Abatement | Orange County Construction & Demolition Services

Many Southern California homes and buildings still contain dangerous asbestos material. Its removal requires the knowledge of an experienced, licensed company to avoid the associated health and environmental risks. Tri Span Inc offers a variety of services related to asbestos abatement.

Mold & Mildew Remediation | Los Angeles County Tri Span Contractors

Mold is a common occurrence in many households and businesses, especially when the structure experienced past or current water damage. Although mold spores are typically present in household dust, they become a health hazard when fungi breeds and is left untreated.

Demolition Service | Orange County Tri Span Construction Contracting Firm

We specialize in preserving key materials for later use, or if you want a complete haul-away, we guarantee safe, complete demolition and cleanup services from start to finish. Tri Spanworks with structures both big and small throughout the Los Angeles County and Orange County areas.

Tri Span Inc.

Tri Span, Inc. is one of the most prominent, minority owned General Contracting firms in all of Orange County. We are a leader in providing value-added and cost-effective solutions to our customers by establishing a successful partnership throughout the waste abatement process. Our mission is to create long-lasting relationships with our customers by gaining their trust through outstanding performance by every member of our hazard removal and remediation team.

About Tri Span Inc Demolition & Construction Contracting Firm
Client Testimonials
  • “After an earthquake had damaged a load bearing pillar in my home I needed someone that could come out immediately. After contacting Tri Span’s emergency response team I knew they could help me out with the fastest and most reliable service. Their team was very helpful and contacted my insurance company, in the end I paid next to nothing for the damages.”
    Peter I. from Mission Viejo
  • “Tri Span’s Staff was very helpful in assisting me with my kitchen remodel. Although I wasn’t familiar with the process Tri Span’s helpful staff was glad to help me with any questions I had. They also did a great job in the kitchen and kept the dust and debris to a minimum during the remodel.”
    Carole B. from Westminster
  • “As a land lord my apartment complexes are constantly under attack from the elements and renters. I have been fortunate throughout the years that Tri Span emergency services team has been available upon immediate request for anything from mold to water damage and the occasional general construction. After seeing consistent high quality results i will now rely on Tri Span for any future for all of my service needs.”
    Tim O. from Long Beach
  • “During a recent storm my 80 year old California craftsman home suffered a lot of water damage and Tri Span’s team was able to come in and cover up the leak in the roof and dry my entire house within a short period of time and as well rehab all the areas that suffered during the storm. My house is all of a sudden like new!”
    Tanner F. from Irvine
  • “As the head of the school district my number 1 priority is the health and safety of every child that enters the classroom with that in mind I was able to contract with Tri Span to test and eliminate a preexisting mold condition in a few sites throughout the school district. Not only did they handle the eminent problem with pristine service but have also guaranteeing are 100% mold free and every child in the classroom is free of risk. Tri Span, thank you for the peace of mind and making my job easier.”
    J Alsina. from Labrea Tar Pits
  • “Tri Span took care of the lead paint I had in my living room without effecting other areas of my house. There abatement team uses the latest technology and solvents to remove the lead quickly and safely.”
    Kevin T. from Newport Beach
  • “When my bathroom flooded in the middle of the night I had very few companies I could call. Tri Span was the first one that stood out to me and their emergency response team was second to none. They also worked with my insurance company and in the end I paid almost nothing for $9,000 in damages.”
    Albert Y. from San Juan Capistrano
  • “When my small business needed to be remodeled I for a team to do some demolition work. I had heard good things about Tris Span and decided to give them a call. They really have the best equipment and demolition team for the job. They even gave me a fair quote for the construction and we decided to use them for that as well. All work was completed on time with no risk to our safety.”
    Gene U. from Tustin
  • “After a fire had caused massive damage to three bedrooms in my home I called Tri Span to help me out. Their emergency services team was very helpful and also very knowledgeable in dealing with my fire damage. After they completed there work my bedrooms looked better than before the fire!”
    Claudia J. Laguna Niguel
  • “When I discovered I had a lead-based paint in my home I knew I needed it removed as soon as possible. Tri Span’s experts efficiently and safely removed the lead paint without any problems.”
    Will. S. from Garden Grove
  • “Tri Span promptly dealt with the mold situation in my kitchen without any hassle.”
    John D. from Santa Ana