Evaluating your home and its contents for asbestos requires trained professionals. Many older and some newer homes contain asbestos in everything from floor and ceiling tiles to flooring, insulation, siding, and roof shingles, but a visual inspection is not enough.

Tri Span Environmental provides comprehensive laboratory testing with any necessary third parties and complete asbestos abatement services. Our licensed personnel have years of experience surveying homes and businesses for a potential threat.

Building materials on your site will be sampled by Tri Span professionals using the safest protective gear on the market. We send those specimens to a reputable, qualified team of scientists who will report back on any presence or threat of asbestos.

Since it is unsafe for people to handle the material in their homes or buildings, our contractors will deal with all aspects of the testing and removal process.

Asbestos is only deadly when it becomes airborne, as tiny fibers in the material–when disturbed–become a pollutant. Asbestos-containing substances in your home are an absolute health risk if they are old, damaged, or you are planning on renovations that will impact the asbestos in its current state.

Only a trained Tri Span Environmental professional should assess the potential threat of your home’s building materials.

Your family, guests, employees, or tenants may be vulnerable when entering your property if it contains lead. To protect your health, reputation, and finances, it is imperative that you take the threat of lead seriously and call a professional at Tri Span for assessment.

The experts at Tri Span recommend lead assessment in areas where you notice wall paint chipping or peeling, where bare soil is exposed, and especially where children play. Always test kitchens, playrooms, bedrooms, and other spaces where your family congregates.

If you are planning on painting or remodeling, consider bringing in a licensed team to check existing materials for lead contamination.

If you suspect your structure poses a health risk, call Tri Span Environmental to begin consultation on their complete lead paint removal services. You should also have your family checked for any lead exposure by seeing a trained medical doctor.

Mold remediation addresses and eliminates the risk of mold and mildew in your home or building. When dampness and humidity are present, organisms multiply on your walls, floors, ceilings, and other surfaces exposed to water.

Tri Span professionals must remove the infected surfaces with proper tools and safety to ensure your family’s health.

Mold and mildew contamination can cause mild respiratory and allergic symptoms in those exposed, but in serious cases, it can lead to death. You should pursue mold and mildew remediation as soon as possible to eliminate its threat to your health and well-being.

There are many signs that point toward mold growth, but only a licensed Tri Span Environmental professional should confirm its presence and go about removal. Homeowners can look out for slimy, sometimes wooly spots that are dark and discolored on your various surfaces. Many people become aware of mold because of its distinct musky odor penetrating their homes.

Whether a small room in your home or extensive damage to your multi-story business, Tri Span’s services can completely clean up your fire-damaged structure. We specialize in efficient damage abatement and waste remediation.

The Tri Span Environmental crew provides complete cleaning services, including deodorizing tools and equipment that can help eliminate the pervasive smells that linger long after a fire’s damage.

When working with Tri Span Environmental, you will not have to worry about juggling multiple contractors for the fire restoration job.

We offer complete services, contacting reputable and affordable third party subcontractors only if necessary. If you experience a home fire, we can handle debris cleanup, water removal, and complete reconstruction.