Can My Fire Damaged Home Be Restored?

Can My Fire Damaged Home Be Restored? | Orange Country Tri Span Inc.

The traumatic experience of a fire in your home is bad enough, but finding the professional help you need to clean and repair the damage can leave you wondering where to turn. At Tri Span, we will handle every detail necessary to make this process as smooth as possible.

The Combination of Smoke and Water Damage

A fire in your Orange or Los Angeles County home causes a great deal of damage from smoke, fire, and the water used to put the fire out. The smoke that coats walls, wood, flooring, counters, fixtures, and furnishings have to be removed through an intense cleaning process to remove the smell. The smoke coating your property is filled with carcinogenic chemicals that are harmful to touch and breathe. The standing and soaking water will begin problems with mold growth.

How much of the home is destroyed?

Hopefully, the fire has had limited impact and will not take much time and materials to bring it back to normal. You need to have a careful assessment and inspection done to determine the extent of the damage as soon as it’s safe enough to enter the home. The greater the damaged area is, the less likely it will be to put everything back in perfect working order. You might have problems that are deep within the structure and foundation of your Los Angeles area house.

Will repairs cost as much as a new build?

When the main beams and the basic structure of the home are severely damaged, the costs of repairs begin to skyrocket. The more materials and labor needed to reconstruct the burned areas, the higher the final costs. If the cost of completely refurbishing the home is equal to or more than the cost of a new build, you should carefully decide which route to take.

Is there a sentimental or historical value to the home?

At times, the price of refurbishing the damage is worth it to the owner, no matter how high. If the home is a generational family dwelling, or it holds historical significance to the Los Angeles or Orange County community, opting to pay for high repair costs over a rebuild might make sense. It’s a personal decision that can be tough to make.

Contact us at Tri Span if you have recently experienced a house fire. We offer all of the remediation and repair services you need to get your Orange or Los Angeles County home back in pre-fire condition quickly.

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