5 Tips to Keep Your Los Angeles Area Home and Business Safe With Flammable Solvents

5 Tips to Keep Your Los Angeles Area Home and Business Safe With Flammable Solvents

Chemicals like Acetone, Ethyl Acetate, Ethanol, Toluene, Isopropanol, and more are classified as flammable solvents. Mishandling and spills can lead to fires in the Orange and Los Angeles County home or business. At Tri Span, we offer quick and affordable cleanup and disposal of these potentially dangerous chemicals. Below are a few ways to stay safe when working with these substances.

Ventilate Well During Use

The fumes of flammable solvents are not healthy to breathe. It is also a fire hazard when fumes begin to collect in an enclosed area. It can easily turn into an explosive situation. Keep as much fresh air circulating through the area as possible.

Keep Away From Static, Electrical Sparks, and Flames

All flammable solvents are marked as such on their labels. Keep these chemicals away from open flames, machines and equipment that sparks, and static materials.

Businesses Need to Keep a Spill Kit Handy

Homes rarely keep these types of chemicals in large supply and can generally handle a small spill efficiently. San Bernardino and Riverside County businesses should keep a spill kit that offers the items necessary to properly and safely clean up flammable solvent spills.

Always Wear Eye and Skin Protection

Your eyes and skin are vulnerable to damage from flammable solvents. Keep the right kind of protective gear handy in your Riverside and Los Angeles County business. You should also keep protective gloves and safety glasses at home if you are planning on using these types of chemicals.

Dispose of Properly

Never send solvents directly down the drain of your home or business. You are sending flammable products down into the open sewer system. It may not end well. Use proper hazmat disposal procedures. You can call and find out local drop-off locations for proper disposal.

Call us at Tri Span if you have flammable solvent spills or need to have a large quantity disposed of properly. We service the entire Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles County area.

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