Why You Should Encapsulate the Crawlspace of Your Home

Why You Should Encapsulate the Crawlspace of Your Home | Tri Span Inc.

Most homes in the Los Angeles County and surrounding area have crawlspaces instead of basements. The crawlspace of your home is the perfect environment for mold and bacteria to grow unnoticed. It then enters the interior of your home through the ventilation system. At Tri Span, we can encapsulate this area and provide a barrier of protection for you and your family.

Stabilizes the Temperature of Your Home

Fully encapsulating the crawlspace of your home allows your HVAC unit to cool or warm the air easier and provide an even temperature. Moisture that comes up from the crawlspace can dramatically affect the way your Los Angeles and surrounding area home heats and cools during cold and warm spells. You will feel more comfortable on a consistent basis.

Improves Air Quality

Most crawlspaces have a dirt floor. The air that is trapped in this space is pulled in and cycled through your home ventilation. It is often the reason you get an earthy-type smell when the HVAC system is operating. It can drag mold, pollen, germs, and bacteria that make their way into your crawlspace directly into the home.

Reduces Energy Use

The added insulative qualities of an encapsulated crawlspace equate to energy savings you can enjoy all year long in your Orange County and surrounding area home. Lower energy bills are an attractive part of placing a good moisture barrier over the bottom area of the home.

Reduces Mold

The dark, quiet, damp area offered by crawlspaces without moisture barriers are perfect for spreading mold up into your house through the vents. It can bring mold spores into the home even during periods of little and no rain. The ground has natural levels of moisture that can promote mold growth.

Reduce the Chance of Pest Infestations

A quality crawlspace encapsulation will limit the ability of bugs and rodents from infesting your home. Pests tend to enter homes through their most vulnerable openings. Getting this added layer of protection will help you keep pest free without spending a small fortune.

Call us at Tri Span and find out more about crawlspace encapsulation. We offer moisture barrier services throughout the Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside County areas.

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