Is My Family Safe If I Paint Over Los Angeles Walls Coated In Lead Paint?One reason that lead-based paint is still a problem throughout Los Angeles County is that the surfaces are often recoated with paint rather than having the toxic material removed. Eventually, the new layer of paint will crack, peel, and expose the residents to lead all over again. It is a cycle that should be broken for permanent safety and health concerns.

Lead Dust Exposure

Homes throughout the United States, including Los Angeles County, were painted with a lead-based paint before the 1970’s. This involves both interior and exterior surfaces. The dust from aging lead paint finds ways to get into the air, carpeting, draperies, and lungs of these older homes that still have the lead paint surface. The dust from this paint can be lurking in surface cracks that are not immediately visible.


Windowsills are one area that lead paint dust loves to collect. These areas are hard to paint, and there can be spots that are missed or are given an extremely light coat. The lead will quickly have open access to invade the home. Windowsills are the perfect height to hold up the weight of young children, which are more vulnerable to effects of lead poisoning. This is what makes keeping it around so dangerous.

Soil Contamination

The weather and growing conditions for plants are nearly perfect in the Los Angeles County area. Many residents opt to grow small gardens in soil near the home. This can pose unexpected dangers when lead is present in the area where vegetables are grown. You and your family will unwittingly ingest the lead. Homes that have had exterior lead-based paint applied often need the soil directly around the home removed due to contamination.

One Guaranteed Safe Solution

The only true way to keep your family safe from lead paint is to have the surfaces and soil tested for the presence of this toxin. An experienced Los Angeles County lead paint removal service can safely remove this hazard and give you a healthy environment to enjoy.

Contact Tri Span if you suspect that there may be lead-based paints on any of the interior and exterior portions of your home. They will work diligently to protect the health of you and your family.